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So...Who am I?

I am a soul on a journey...

On this journey, my soul moves me to study, write, paint, sing and play the harmonium and the piano.

My dharma is yoga. It is the focal point of my being.

I love animals,
I was 17 when I realized I was vegetarian.
I am now vegan.

I was born in Tel-Aviv, grew up in Montreal and lived in New York City and Los Angeles.
Italy has been my home since 2007.

When I was little I had no idea what I "wanted to be" when I grew up, but I dreamed of faraway places. 
I also dreamed of flying and travelling ... so I ended up taking many planes during my lifetime and enjoyed all of my earthly adventures,  
although my inner travels have been the most interesting... 

By process of elimination, I ended up being an actress (lawyer and poet didn't make the cut).
The study of "being other people" was what attracted me most. 
But when I was 33 my world crumbled and it took three years to put the pieces back together just to get going again... 
so it wasn't until I was 36 that I realized that "being other people" was not my true path. 
And my true path was not a job.
My true path was being me.

I started dance lessons when I was 5 years old so I dedicated many years of mastering the art of entertaining others ... 
only to throw everything away and start over tabula rasa.
As George Eliot said, "It's never too late to be what you might have been."

I was born fearless... a relatively quiet and nice rebel... 
an independent kind of girl, feminist and defender of women's rights and animal rights, but mostly a pacifist...
and so ... the search for my true path and the search forme began...

Some say I was searching for God... but I always knew He/She was inside of me...
Or that I was searching for Truth... true, like burning fire, like the very air I breathe...  
(the definition of peacelessness is not knowing the Truth.) 
But mostly, I was searching for True Spiritual Love, and this perhaps, is the closest answer to the question "who am I?"

My earthly travels have taught me that what is not true spiritual love, ends.
My inner travels have shown me that there really does exist a destination for true spiritual love
It's called Bhakti Yoga.

So beyond all right or wrong choices, this is what I am: a Bhakti Yogi.
And finding me meant finding it all in spades: God, Truth and Love.
There is no easy path... but there is a Path to Love.

My spiritual name "Jai Kali Ma" was given to me directly by the Goddess Mother Herself, Kali Ma, destructor-ess of all that is untrue. 
"Jai" means victory and indicates that all victories belong to Her.
I have accepted the name with humility and honor and thus, fill my days rendering service to True Spiritual Love.
This photo was taken in Alghero in 2009, shortly after I arrived on this small Sardinian port town where my spiritual mission would be revealed.
As a vessel for divine guidance, I started by teaching yoga asanas but quickly moved into the deeper aspect of authentic yoga by shifting into an atmosphere of Ashram Life.
Like many spiritual guides before me, the Ashram Life helped not only the sincere souls that arrived as aspiring students, but also my own path as a journeyer and traveller. 
My spiritual life and practice unfolded on an ancient Italian island breathing nature, healing and the Goddess Mother.  
Keren E. Bensoussan (Jai Kali Ma): Is the founder of the "Associazione SD Yoga in Alghero" and MadhyamayAna Yoga. 
She also runs Mandiramani, for weekend yoga retreats, with her partner, Mani.
She is a graduate of New York University from the Gallatin Department of Liberal Arts and the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute.
 She is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and Kundalini Yoga teacher for children from the Rama Lotus Yoga Center.
She is also a certified Reiki Master. Her teacher Lynn Neilson, who left her body on March 15, 2015, passed on teachings for all  levels of Reiki and I.E.T. as well as two Lightarian activations and one level of SPHE-RE. Keren has been a hands-on healer for 12 years and a Reiki teacher for 8 years. 
She is a disciple of the Eight-limbed Path of Yoga and Bhakti Lineage- in this lifetime, she has been a yoga and meditation student for 27 years and has been teaching for 12 years.