I close my eyes 
so I can see...

A soul on a journey welcomes you to her experience.

As early as she can remember,

her calling was to study life as a creative artform; to write, to paint, to sing, to play music.

And early in life, she remembered her code of ethics as being Sanatana dharma, the eternal, never beginning, never ending 

ancient and eternal way taught by Bharat's sages, the yoga rishis, the spiritual seekers of Truth. 

She is an animal lover,

nature is her Earthly home,

solitude is a way of returning to her Celestial Home.

Travel is her favorite escape; the reminder that so many voyagers are journeying together.

At 17 she became vegetarian

but is now an "ethical vegan". 

(inevitably it is difficult to avoid using quotation marks, 
because eating foods such as figs, honey and cheese, even on occasion, is not considered vegan).

She was born in Tel-Aviv, grew up in Montreal, 

and has lived in New York City, Los Angeles and Paris.

Italy has been her landing pad since 2007.

"When I was little I had no idea what I "wanted to be" when I grew up, but I dreamed of faraway places. 
So I ended up taking many planes during my lifetime and enjoyed all of my earthly adventures,  
although my inner, mystical travels have been the most interesting thus, far... 
I now understand that the "faraway places" I dreamed of is probably the soul's memory of the Original Home 
which is indeed far far away...

By process of elimination, I ended up being an actress (lawyer and writer were seriously considered as well).
The study of "being other people" was what attracted me most. 
The study of emotions as a form of personal story therapy is what sparked my curiosity.

At 33 my world went topsy turvy and by the time I was 36 I realized that there was no job.
There was no path.
There was just me on this journey.

I started dance lessons when I was 5 years old so I had dedicated many years at mastering the art of entertaining others only to throw everything away and start over tabula rasa with this new birth at age 36.
As George Eliot said, "It's never too late to be what you might have been."

I was born fearless... a relatively quiet and nice rebel... secretly shy, but courageous... 
an independent kind of girl, a feminist and defender of women's rights and animal rights, but mostly a pacifist...
and so how did I end up in the world of showbiz and eventually, living in Italy and teaching yoga?
I call it Karmic Evolution... or, 
"if your heart is screaming in pain, you get to move to a country where you realize people are screaming louder than you are (both literally and figuratively)so you can feel "at home" in your pain, 
where this kind of behavior is just totally normal and acceptable and encouraged. Justifying and exhibiting your anger, fear, jealousy, I-love-you-to-death passion, competitive possessiveness and general rabble rousing for a hungry public is good!"

However... I eventually lost the "who-can-complain-louder-and-better-about-being-a-victim" game the day I realized, fuggedaboutit! You'll never be Italian! You don't have the DNA. Besides, with various retrogrades in my Natal chart I was beginning to feel like a goldfish in a leaky and overcrowded koi pond, and the need for some serious privacy and setting proper visible and invisible limits became a necessity. 

So the day the screaming heart rolled its eyes up to the sky with a sardonic "well that was fun wasn't it" smirky smirk, 
decided to concentrate on cooking instead with no attempts whatsoever at trying to be as good as a die-hard Italian mamma who, as we all know, is the best cook in the world (if you're Italian and she's your mother)... 
because it's not in my DNA.

Upon my arrival on Earth however, (and for astrologers, it includes two yods and a natal Saturn retrograde in the 1st house) there was very little emotional attachment to human beings. There was no sense of need of others because there was no sense of fear. There was mostly freedom of spirit, deep love for animals, and an understanding that all beings are equal no matter who and what they are. Joy was my nature. I smiled all the time. It was my natural expression. 

The female figure (mother) brought strong emotional karma, while the male figure (father) brought strong professional karma. 
Combining emotions with professional ambition is how I explain my karma to become an actress.
I then continued to learn by way of relationships with rather emotional types of humans (water signs mostly)and much drama (marriage, divorce, Hollywood), 
before my travels took me to a place where I got to see live drama every day, notably, il bel paese: Italy.
(note: this is not a stereotype, it's real, it's very very real! Italy is a Gemini, the sign of the Theater Mask, the two-faces representing Comedy and Tragedy, the actor, the idealist, the chit-chatter, gossiper, infidel, eternal youth and socializer. And it's always all for a good time as long as it provokes strong emotions. Fun is Gemini's middle name. What more do you need to put on a good show? p.s. I'd like to know what Italy's ascendant is if anyone knows it.)

Yoga. It fits in perfectly doesn't it? 
From drama to dharma, Yoga is the calm within the storm of the ups and downs of human emotional existence. 
Perhaps this is what I came to experience in this lifetime. 
To re-find or re-define the center of calm that would unlock the prison of emotional attachment
and free the tremors of achievement.
Vertical impression rather than horizontal expression.
The path of Bhav: spiritual emotion.
The aim for Victory over the ego (yay for Chiron retrograde in the 1st house, starving the ego out of laziness): 
the ultimate achievement.
Yoga was never an intentional goal, or a way to satiate worldly ambition- 
Yoga just happened, because Yoga just Is.

So once I let go of the shore, unhooking the invisible rope that kept my boat parked in a port of continuous waves,
some say I went in search of God... but, no, I always knew He/She was the very present consciousness inside of me...
Or that I went to search for Truth... yes, that is true, like burning fire, like the very air I breathe...  
(the definition of peacelessness is not knowing the Absolute Truth.) 
But mostly (and maybe only my gurus knew this), I was searching for Spiritual Love.
I was searching to reconnect to that Essence of Being that I was before all the human emotional karma played itself out in my life.
To empty my own human vessel of emotional creations and projections, and return to my natural state of joy. 
To stop the wheel of samsara, get off the merry-go-round of dis-ease and dis-comfort in a world of illusion and confusion,
and reconnect to the Me that was free... to the Ma within me, free of the entanglement and attachment to human folly.
What a ride."

Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Make your peace with that and all will be well.

Keren's earthly travels have taught her that what is not spiritual love, ends.
Her inner, mystical travels have shown her that there really does exist a destination for spiritual love... and it never ends. 
It is called "Bhakti Yoga".

So this is what she is: a Bhakti Yogi.

And finding herself again meant finding it all in spades: God, Truth and Love.

This, she believes, is the infinite "Seat of Joy". 

Although her birth name, Keren, is aligned with her soul's spiritual mission since it means "ray of light", 

when she began teaching the ancient form of the Indian practice of Yoga, the name "Jai Kali Ma" belonging to the powerful

 Hindu goddess, was given to her directly by the Goddess Mother Herself, Kali Ma, destructor-ess of all that is unTrue. Kali Ma,

 revered by so many great yogis, would assist Keren with the teachings, and accompany the souls that 

sought the shores of liberation from suffering."Jai" means victory and indicates that all victories belong to Kali. 

The power is hers alone. 

Having accepted the name of the fearless Mother with humility, 

Keren now dedicates her days rendering service to Spiritual Love 

and to the essence of the Eternal Seat of Joy...

as she continues her nearly half-century old journey on Earth.

Namastè, Be Well and Blessings to One and All

Keren E. Bensoussan (Jai Kali Ma): Is the founder of the "Associazione SD Yoga in Alghero" and MadhyamayAna Yoga. 
She also runs Mandiramani, for weekend yoga retreats, with her partner, Mani.
She is a graduate of New York University from the Gallatin Department of Liberal Arts and the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in New York City.
 She is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and Kundalini Yoga teacher for children from the Rama Lotus Yoga Center.
She is also a certified Reiki Master. Her teacher Lynn Neilson, who left her body on March 15, 2015, passed on teachings for all  levels of Reiki and IET as well as two Lightarian activations and one level of SPHE-RE. Keren has been a hands-on healer for 12 years and a Reiki teacher for 8 years. 
She is a student of the Eight-limbed Path of Yoga and Bhakti Lineage- including Raja Yoga and Kundalini Yoga. 
In this current lifetime, as of 2018, Keren has been a yoga and meditation student for 27 years and has been teaching for 12 years.